Thursday, 24 May 2012

Warm and Sticky!!

Speed was not the order of the day today. Firstly I was picked up by Dial A Ride, I felt a little dubious, because of reporting the Guy from last week. I needn't have stressed, it was a very pleasant woman, and we chatted about inane things, until she got a phone call asking to ask me if I'd mind going nearly home again, because s'body couldn't go to the Tea Dance or s'thing, because the other bus had 'Melted' and if I didn't mind, could we go back and fetch her.  I agreed but I was a little anxious because I knew Graham would be strugling if Paul, hadnt come. As steve was going to the Town Hall for the Transport meeting that I had wanted to go too, on the Tram. Fortunately Paul was at Hillsborough.

I was most use staying up the top looking after the trikes, but I did feel a bit like the kid who wasn't picked for the team, and who's job it is to look after the coats and bags, whilst the others played games. Then my friend Lorraine came, so a quick change of cycles and locking the big ones together, and pushing a few into the kitchen. Awww she spoke about How her Client Pat, had kept her awake since 4am, singing with excitment. Because she was cycling today :)Lorraine and I sat on the Side by Side, Paul and Pat on the very Popular Velor Plus, and off we set. I met a man on the way round who asked how much it would cost to hire one? I explained it was free if you were disabled, to which he revealed a walking stick from behind him. So maybe, he'll be back.

Barry, and his Mrs came, and I can't for the life of me remember her name??? Marjorie????? She does talk a lot bless her, even more than me!! He explained that She'd really not been well emough, to come. And how he'd really missed bringing her, which I thought was very sweet.

Marcel, Russel, Dave Brenon, were starting to arrive, 'Happy Days' came and went. And then I noticed a woman on crutches, walking towards the Cabin, with a purpose!! I stopped introduced myself, Ahhhh she was looking for Steve, he'd given her his enthusiasm, the same as he had me the first time Id spoken to him. I sat with her fotr a while knowing Graham wouldn't be long.

DAR arrived, the driver was a little cool, which suggested to me, that he might have heard misgivings about me? Anyway, we chugged (is that rude :)) and you guessed it the bus broke!!!! He wouldn't let me Cycle from the Top of Abbey Lane, which is about a mile away (at the top of a hill) from my Mums Nursing home. So I know I could have done it. He wouldn't let me!!! I felt like a prisinor, I hate feeling so dependant on folk, and when I want to do s'thing why can't I??? I am sane!!!

Talking of Bonkers, along time ago, a guy called The Singing Poet wrote me a Poem!! about Cycling, that's all I can say unless you email me, because he's Copywritten it.

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