Monday, 12 September 2011

'Undatable?' C4

It's Kevins fault!!! and there's along way to go, if I do it....Sh*, I know if they offered me a place, I wouldn't be able to resist. I have to sieze opportunities, I can't let things pass me by?? And that's s'thing that's come through divorce, being single. It's because I have no one to stop me!! But I'm a little uncomfortable with the title? But just think of the kudos for Inclusive Cycling? I don't think it went down well that I was a local 'Celebrity'. I think it might take a bit of a Blind Date format? Who knows? I will wait and see, if they want me first.

Went to Millhouses Pk, met Miar and Marcel, do you know a...(you had to be there) It was sooo windy though, although I feel totally grounded in my trike. But Miar, and Marcel had had difficulty, on their 2 wheelers.

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