Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nic Marks :)

The Well being event yesterday, hosted by the SHSC was brilliant, it was full of such interesting folk. The day began with Nigel West collecting me, and poor Nige, I do take his friendship for granted at times, because he is an important person. And he does see me and my family, including the new addition, warts and all. In fact Morris was the reason, he called!

We had a quick revision, of what was expected, before we arrived, and we arranged for me to keep it, fairly simple (don't laugh!!) and he would follow on, with an appeal for funding for Hillsborough maybe? and a reminder, that on the 17th of October, they could hear me again. At the book launch. I wish I was techy...and could advertise the Cap book which costs £3 plus P&P.....Bargain!!

Oh bugger, I started to network and mingle once there, and bumped into the very lovely, Jeanette Thompson, Director of Sheffield's SDS, oooh I hadn't included them in my story. And I do try and mention folk. But I consciously didn't want it to become a long list of Folk. Because it would dilute the importance of me Cycling.

I was shown to my seat which was next to the funniest awe inspiring guy I've met in a while, his name was Nic Marks. Apparently folk in the room were pleased, about this?? not too sure why?

It was basically billed as been Nics 'Gig' and he had a huge stage prescience, the room was transfixed by his interesting theories on 'Happiness' and how we judge happiness. Google him, he's worth a read.

I congratulated him and told him to clap for me when it was my turn.

Dr Aki Tsuchiya was next, I would find her psychology lectures really interesting. I could procrastinate about them for hours, and possibly get into a lot of (the child in me, wants to say...Mass debates) but I'm grown up!!!

I read my bit, and sat listening to the silence again, I glanced up at Nic....still silence. But on cue, and thankfully everyone laughed at the punch line!! phew....I hope I made folk realise just how immense the whole experience of being a Health Champion, has been for me. I returned to my seat, Nigel gave me the thumbs up and Nic said all the right things. And that I was a fantastic example of the 5 ways to Happiness, and would I be a case study in his book? Of course I'd love that, but no one has taught me ......I'm just me!! But it is the ethos, that the Health Champions work with.

What else......

I am so impressed that buses, now take mobility scooters, I still don't think I will take Ziggy on, but maybe?

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