Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 or 11/9 (very confusing for children?)

I've realised, you've seen it before, I think :) durrrrr

Without going into too much detail, I have been deep in reflective thoughts, folk are wantimg me to be all happy and smiley, and me. But not trusting me to go it alone, and I think I'd be ok, but no ones prepared to let me try and be prepared for it not working.

Lawrence is back?? does anyone recall the chap who is a cyxclist, with a brain injury. And he is quite gorgeous? but so far the sparks aren't flying.

I've cheered up now, I've just had a quick txt blitz, and Cycle Chic, Marcel, maybe Miriam. Are all meeting in the Park tomorrow, so I'll get to see Mum:)

I've won the bid for a cycle trailer :) to put my doggy in to take it with me on my cycling adventures. My son said, you cant possibly do that supposing you have an accident!! (It doesn't matter about Mum, but heaven forbid, should a dog get hurt)

I still havent braved it to my Dads bench on my own, despite Daves helpful tips. Tesco took priority, when I realised the amount of bags I'd got. I could have left a Hansel and Gretel trail. And you know this dial a single number 4 times? Would the police actually know what I was talking about?


  1. Carol laughed at me today when I asked what the date was after the radio had been wittering on about 9/11 all day. It is all sad but I'd have more sympathy for them if I hadn't been brought up in an England being bombed with American-finance. Nuff politics.

    Which bike trailer have you ended up with?

    Did I miss something - I thought you had a rental dog - were dog sitting? Do you have your own now?

    And you think you have trouble keeping up!


    I give in Rob :( Soz, it's a bike Trailer for dogs - racing bee + jogging option? £69 for a used one

    And we loved borrowing Robbie, so much we are getting one ourselves. just a wee one mind, which I vowed and declared, I'd never have a lil dog. But how else can I transport it?

    Oooooh, a bit touchy on the subject of Americans :)

    Hey my life is going at a snails pace at the minute, come on Rob :)

  3. Looks OK. Handy for shopping trips too :)

    A bit touchy on the subject of Americans complaining about terrorists...

  4. Think you misunderstood the 4 touch emergency call. It is for a number YOU choose, as a contact who probably knows where you are and will arrange to call round or send out a search party, or (initially) ring back to find out what the problem is.

    Polis-wise you find out the non-emergency number for the charge desk/counter, and keep that for the times that you might fall out of the seat and get stuck with no easily raised assistance from other sources.

    What are you doing now "Undateable"?? You!!!

  5. Ahhh, that trick! I've done that on a few blind dates, been rung after 2 hours (im genorous aren't I)and said 'Oh are they?' and claimed my child was playing up/crying, I know I'm mean, that's why I don't do them anymore...until now. How about you Dave? Have you been to any POF do's (plenty of fish)