Sunday, 25 September 2011


You know my life, when I have a dog, goes all kind of complete. So much so that I stop yearning for outside influences. Which if you saw Morris? You would think a little odd? because he has got to be the most peculiar, unattractive canine I've seen. It's killing me and him, because he can't go off the lead!! So to make up for that he's going 6 times around the park on the lead!! And I must time it perfectly, because he hasn't 'soiled' the garden, every time I bring a pooh bag back, apart from the once!!! Have you ever tried collecting dyiarriagh (i can't even get close to the spelling?) in a pooh bag?

I called into see My Mum last Friday, because I knew I was busy and wouldn't get much chance. What else? Oh yeah, the 'Write Way' met to discuss our Launch night (17th of October, at 6pm) I think I might wear my dress that I wore for the Palace?? - perhaps not the Tiara, I would hate to divert the attention away from the book.

After the Launch, we are starting another group, so if you've got brain damage :) (It doesn't sound like the most attractive qualification, does it?) Have I ever mentioned that Peter my friend has brain damage, which he sustained when he was 23? Well I think that's why we get on because I think I'm 21 and he thinks he's 23!! Anyway, he's joining. And Lawrence? I'm meeting him for coffee next week;)

Tomorrow, I've been nominated for an Award, along with the other survivors of brain injury, for an award for the work we do with BIRRP. I don't honestly feel that I deserve anything for that, maybe the kind of community 'Outreach' involvement maybe? Because I like to think I've educated a few organisations, and individuals.

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