Monday, 5 September 2011

It's all good :)

I'm very happy, and only feel a tad guilty, because maybe my children being back at school, could be why. It's perhaps because things seem to 'Kick Off' and begin,with gusto, in September.

I have had a bit of a weep though this morning, which I had forgotten about. I sent off an email to a few influential folk about Hillsborough, which made me cry a bit. Especially when I started getting the replies.

Pete (party animal) called for a coffee this am, as he sat Miriam phoned and asked me to meet her in an hour at Millhouses, so off I sped :) And blubbered, to her, I mean cried, btw. Don't ask, I don't really understand???- I just have so many acquaintances, contacts, but I don't expect I'll get a b'day card, unless I told folk to do it, and this is the first year, that I ain't arranged, to do anything so :( And no, I've kinda spoilt/made it now, or made it, because Miriams now coming to the Spit for tea. But that was just a blip, I filled in a couple of forms that she brought, one of, if I get short listed, I have to do a presentation :) which I think will sell it, because I'd take Ziggy.

Called into see my Mum, she was ok, although she's kinda permanently bed ridden now

I got called a F* er by some passenger. But, I kinda felt sorry for them, what a little mind? being driven about and his brain not having much capacity - obviously!

Apparently the gorgeous Graeme, is coming to Sheffield for my story launch, because he's looking to get his Journals published of his mammoth ride, that he has just completed. And I envisaged him as a jig saw piece, and our book launch as the puzzle with the missing piece.

What else..Oh I can't tell you my boring day!! But I have enjoyed the rest of the day.

Tesco and the Dentist tomorrow.

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