Thursday, 1 September 2011

For the good of Cycling!!! Kevin

And for absolutely no other reason, I've got in touch with Saskia@Betty!! I'm not sure that I want to disclose to the nation, just how desperate I can be, on tv (i know i do frequently on here) but thats kinda different there's only you and me!!! :D Because I look soooo squinty eyed and so fat, I'm not proud of me. But I want to help destitute and lonely folk, see that it's not always the answer to rely on another to make you happy. Isn't it better to be happy with yourself? I know I'm a hypocrit because I would love to meet s'one, but hey ho, if it happens it happens?

I missed Hillsborough today.

Robbies fatter, oooops it's all them Pigs ears then:) I was told today.

Lots of folk are looking into funding Hillsborough till November. I'm pretty confident, I will get£135, too many Organisations are involved now. It's not very much :( is it? I was invited to a huge event today bla bla, anyway I can't go because I can't get to Leeds for 930am. So I've had to write a bit to be read out ????? I think I'm an example of a Fat B* whose still an FB, but I am happy and healthy.

Went to see Mum today, it was a doddle :) I spoke to so many folk on the way back and gave out my contact card, so Hi.

As I struggled to lock my trike away, my ex Physiotherapist and so much more phoned, I am sooo fond of her. She was sooo upset as she told me, about this man who used to attend the Head Injury Rehab Centre when we were both there. And how he had died, I'm only really telling you because the cause of his original Head Injury, a double decker bus had knocked him off his cycle and it was before cycle helmets had ever been a twinkle in someones eye. And whatever your choice? I choose to wear one, and John Froggart (RIP) is my reason. There that was long.

My children are home tomorrow :)


  1. Wise words C - I'm referring to the being happy, not the helmets...

    ps Not sure when your literary debut on Monday 17th Oct will wrap up, might want think about grabbing a bite to eat afterwards?

  2. Ahhh, yeah that would be super, or supper then :) And My children are going back to Jocks hopefully, if not I've always a bed settee. If you're wanting to stop over. I do feel a bit shy about it though.