Friday, 9 September 2011

I am everyone's Puppet,

Except I don't feel much like dancing :(

I think I might try and visit my Dads bench in the woods tomorrow. Only I've never gone on my own before. But hopefully the Marathon Plus', will suffice. :)


  1. Take your phone, and it might be prudent to get the desk number of the local plodshop, if you cannot raise a local contact via a block text to their mobiles, then call the non-emergency Polis number. You can actually set this up on many mobile phones - press a specified button 4 times, and it automatically calls your emergency help number with a set message "I'm in Trouble"

  2. Wow thanx for that bit of info, I might look into it, x

  3. It would be wonderful if I could get paid for this sort of Spock-style logical thinking wouldn't it.

    Looks like I might need to look to this option.