Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hey, reeeeelaax x

And that's all I did today, at Hillsborough. Miriam from Zest called my moby, and asked if she could pop in and visit Hillsborough. A guy walked in the cabin, and asked for me, and quickly followed that with, Newspaper, Cycles? Fred walked in and I introduced Fred, who asked him to come and choose a cycle. Whilst Miriam and I spoke of a hundred and 1, work issues. Steve pulled up, towing an old favourite the tandam trike, which had spent alonmg time away in Respite. It was getting warm in the sunshine, outside and I did feel as if I wasn't really earning my place.

A lot of things have happened recently that I aint been able to talk about on here and it's killing me!!

Awww bless this man, who I saw just looking at the cycles left around on the grass (hey we've got 16 different cycles) So there is a good chance we would be able to find one to suit. Anyway, I asked him if he cycled? always a good opener :) It transpired his wife, had had a brain injury in a car accident, 15 years ago. And how he wished there was s'thing like Hillsborough near Kendal? As although he lived in Sheffield he visited her home, often. I did feel like offering out a cuppa and a chat, because I think we could have, chatted a while. But do you know it was 1.oclock , and I hadn't even sat on a cycle.



  1. You'll need to do a bit of reading up on Wheels for All (Ian Tierney's guys). They have a project in Preston, and that isn't too far from Kendal.

  2. Thanks for that Dave. I am dependant on him getting in touch with me though, I didn't like to be too pushy :)