Tuesday, 27 September 2011


S'times I'm glad that I let my mouth engage before my brain (damaged though it is!!) Because my words yesterday at the PCT awards seem to have gone down well. I just hope more than owt that I didn't offend anyone with a Learning Difficulty, or Mental Illness. That really wasn't my intention. Anyway, Steph and I received a fair few comments of support, for our observations yesterday. Which was nice because, I have to be honest when I first raised my hand for the microphone, yesterday, I thought Shit....I might be hated, for rocking the apple cart here!!

I met Matt today to get a few copies of Head Lines, and have a coffee. Apparently I was supposed to meet Lawrence, who text me at 11, but he never replied to my proposal, so I'm not telepathic!!!

Anyway bad day!!! It wasn't my day!!! Dear Pat wasn't driving the bus, it was Marion? . To cut lots of long stories short, I fell off the bus, whilst getting all my bags on. And no one was hurt, well I did cut my hand a bit :(

Well I found out who really cares, and who doesn't?

Pete was round helping me with the tea, and I tripped over s'thing that I didn't see because I can't look down.

I am hopeless, and crap aren't I at times?

I just want to cry, even more all the time at the moment.

Tomorrow, should be interesting, I think it's my last ditch attempt at definitely securing funding (long term) for Hillsborough. I'm doing a reading for council and 3rd sector Projects and the Pct. It is a massive occasion, and a wee bit scary. :) Ni gels picking me up at 12. :)

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