Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bye bye Robbie :(

I got up this morning, (with Robbie the dog) who'd slept in my big bed, because I felt mean going out and leaving him. Plus it was his last night. I took him on the park, and ahhh it's so sweet these older gents recognised me or Robbie, and so sat down and waited for me to converse with them! (heaven forbid if I'd been in a hurry, or feeling grumpy or owt!)

:( More bad news about Hillsborough? you know how I thought that next March, the people who were taking over Hillsborough, were gonna pay for me? Well I was wrong, they aren't!

There's no Hillsborough tomorrow, because we are too busy for one trainer, and me (who they can't really count) because everyone else is on holiday.

I'm well fed up, British Cycling are running a training course in Manchester, but I can't do it, without support. So I'm feeling miserable.


  1. "CTC is now an Instructor Training Organisation"

    I wonder if they're running courses in your neck of the woods?

  2. This sounds like your kind of thing...

    Ha! Got the link to work properly this time :o)