Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm Here :)

I've had a couple of left messages on my moby, followed by some graphic photos which arrived this morning. (I have to say at this point what are you thinking?) The innuendos tripped off my tongue this morning but in actual fact, it was a serious matter!! A guy who had heard about me, from the Brain Injury Awareness day, had searched (stalked?) me wanting to know if I wanted to work with him on his new invention. SCBIRT (Sheffield community brain injury rehab team) was where he believed he'd find me. Bless him, I wasn't there of course, but they had phoned me, and posted me a letter with explicit photos of his invention, which unfortunately, isn't my 'Bag'. I did invite him to Hillsborough Cycling a week on Thursday on my return, which he seemed very keen to do.

Spoke to Steve M -CTC and arranged a meet at Hillsborough with Headway and himself. The only time All of the cycles are available is at 12 noon, on the 8th of September. Apparently Hillsborough are getting some new cycles, OOoooooh!! I don't know who wants to come yet or owt? (headway are sending out an invite)

I've been to the doctors today, who was a bit baffled??? and just said 'there there' and gave me some even stronger gynaecological pain killers???? And told me to book an appointment before I left for 25 days time. I cycled home after I'd called at the shops, and I know I don't cycle far, but I'm happy.

Hey Miriam from Zest, has been putting so much effort into applications, for my funding to get me to Hillsborough, it's really touching.

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  1. No news here - just busy, busy, busy….
    180 mile round trip to my Mum & Dads over two days this weekend (Fri 5th, Sat 6th). Had Sunday off so chance to recover.