Tuesday, 30 August 2011

:) Nice Evening

I was collected, fed mmmmm, and watered (maybe not water!!). Nice intelligent conversation, from a woman (Yvonne) Hello Darling Yvonne. Who used to be my PA, when I was in a very sad and destitute place.

I remember the first time she took me out, screaming hysterically because my ex husband was going to drag the children through the divorce courts, if I mentioned my ex friends name, in our divorce. He knew I wouldn't want to put them through that.

I couldn't bare the thought of them aged 30, sitting in a therapy group, rocking and clutching their knees. As they recollected 'Mum' being dragged off and put in some institution, because she wasn't capable of looking after her kids!!

Anyway, I didn't have too much to drink, but I've still got a sore head. I've just taken Robbie out for his last walk, after he slept in my bed, last night!!


  1. Maybe Yvonne has some tips for getting hysterically screaming women to do something which is actually sensible for them but they've been induced/incited to scream and throw a tantrum when you suggest a not allowed* activity (*by estranged wife)

  2. Oh dear, things not good for you then Dave? x