Thursday, 4 August 2011

It's good to be back :)

Busy, busy, busy was the order of the day many different folk. Using all the cycles all day!!

I took a break to have some pics taken....again.....I don't love seeing pics of my big body, with a moon shaped face on top, with a squinty eye. But if I make just one person think about a cycle instead of a wheelchair, it's worth any embarrassment.

Ahhh Steve M came to see how his little baby was doing (hillsborough, not me!!) and was teaching a man to cycle, well he'd not cycled for 40 years. I do love it watching people, take off independently for the first time, It's a right tear jerker. We could have done with more cycles today, and an extra trainer, but maybe not, because I love it the way it is.

Marcel arrived, thanking me for yesterday, because him and Russ, like me loved being able to sing about the merits of cycling. I am very fond of the 'Bonkers' (their word) guys.

Dave Brenan, was one of the trainers, who ordered a book :) and I didn't even include him in it, well I did kind of? I just always think he's young!! and he's actually about 65, I love him though :) I bought him a bun.

Matt Colbeck arrived with a 'hot off the press' 'chapbook' called Head- lines, inwhich I had contributed a short story. (how embarrassing). Anyway ill tell you what it says on the back, and if you want me at, cost is £3 per book plus ???50p for Pand P. I'll tell you what it says on the back:

'Head-Lines' is the first anthology of writers who have all experienced coma or brain injury, sometimes both. The collection explores a vast array of experiences; from the cognitive confusion of post coma awakening, to empowering nature of cycling as rehabilitation; from fell walking in the Peak District, to poetic observations of the world around us.
This is a powerful, touching and uplifting collection of stories that will stay with you long after the last page is read.

There have I sold it you???

My face burnt, as the now packed Cabin, demanded a recital of my story, I did laugh and glow, because the cycling bit actually mentioned Steve M!! Oh well. Everyone laughed appropriately anyway, and I 'virtually' sold 3, I just don't have them yet:)

Or better still you can come to the launch evening on October the 17th Monday, children welcome. At 6pm at the University building opposite Henderson's Relish!! Drinks and eats available. :)

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