Friday, 12 August 2011

Hi Sweethearts :)

I'm home :)

Ahhh, I was like Snow White feeding the wild foul, in my cabin and feeding the wild rabbits that gathered on the patio. I swear, I saw a weasel, or a stoat??

I can't list the itinerary of the week, I didn't arrange it, I just followed the list that my dear brother had arranged for us. I know, I rebelled at being controlled and suppressed, but s'times it's nice, just turning up and doing as I'm told.....very occasionally!!

So the kids did and I watched, Zip Wire, High Wire and Ab sail aqua jets. We all cycled 100s of times, and although I will ALWAYS be very secure with Ziggy, the kids were just sooo relaxed, no one appeared to lock bikes ???

Hey last night, I was watching the evenings's a long story and you needed to be there honestly..basically, gorgeous guy, blushing stuttering stumbling me, and him assuming that I wanted to tell him that my 12 year old daughter fancied him!!! I felt like saying she was my sister!!! -joke!

Oh yeah, last night Steve M, text me (he never texts me first) to say 'Hillsborough misses you' Awww I wanted to cry:( I did so miss it too, what will happen, if I have to stop going?
Oh, and remember the Olympic torch??? I've got through to the next round, but I'm really not sure that I want to be. I can't Carry a torch miles? Steve M has also got through :)

Hi Derek, glad your daughters keeping an eye on things....:) well not really hopefully but you know what I mean...Ouch???

Kev? How can I compare to your literal genius?? But I would love to see you in October, although it's only a flimsy thing I will post you one, if you want??? and that goes for anyone else?

Dave H, thank you for nominating The sweaty Lass, to Cosmo, although I think I need to put pics on straight first. x

Rob...only a short spin then????

Oh yeah, I rushed back from Centre Parcs, and went into work for SDS team, thing is though I had to take my children. So after I'd read them the riot act about what they could and couldn't say. All went swimmingly.

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  1. 11miles yesterday and no pain. Things are getting better!
    Mum is in hospital in Kent with a blood clot in her left lung so I'm off there on Monday. It'll be my first carless visit :0)
    Number 2 daughter has preclampsia and my first grandchild is likely to be premature. Bound to be a boy with the aggro it's causing but it's coming to a good family - it's Dad's a trike rider as well :0)