Monday, 15 August 2011


I can't believe I checked out a 2nd hand trike, the day before my calamity!! But due to West Country Recumbent, and Thunderbirds Dave and Chris, stepping in immediately, (Daves reward, was composing the response). My trikes being collected today, and returned all repaired, on Tuesday. It's called good communication skills :) and nice friends, with a shared passion, for cycling.

Love you all.

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  1. Someday I'll get the reward I guess - what's with the repeats? Baked beans again?

    I wonder if my children will be there after the unexplained absence to answer the phone last week. See all these absent fathers comments - here's one of many who would really like to be bringing up his kids but for the obstruction delivered by their mother, and the systems apparent lack of any support or follow through on the concerns I have.

    Worth bearing in mind that domestic violence is women beating up men, as much as the more publicised version.