Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yipee :)

Pains nearly surprises there then. But what a fantastic day!! I was first on the itinerary for the day, at 10am along with Marcel and Russel, who had come to gush about me....well perhaps wrong choice of word!! but say nice things anyway :)

I had to introduce myself to the camera, saying how Altogether better, had supported me taking my trike to get to Hillsborough. I did try to slip in a bit about the CTC but the producer woman wouldn't let me. Which was fair enough I suppose, it was Altogether Betters day. And I had got on my CTC brass pin badge, and Russ kept thrusting his CTC Hi Viz wrapper wrist band. And the things that we were saying about cycling, well it's like what comes first? 'the chicken or the egg' because if it wasn't for all the fantastic support I receive, from everyone I meet (do I act as if I need it?) I doubt if I would be so inspired to cycle? (I can't imagine that!!) and it's only because I cycle and do Hillsborough once a week, that I meet the people.

And do you know ? it was 28 degrees today, on that park, I took my helmet off because I wasn't cycling, just talking. But I forgot to put it back on for the camera shots eeeek. And I was telling the BBC that I was the survivor of a traumatic brain injury. So I guess that wasn't a plus point, from Headway.

A lot of people read this blog???? but do they? Folk kept asking me, what had happened to it. Well it's back!!

I kept having to cycle up the big grassy hill, with a child perched on my panniers. And people kept asking how I did it!! (secret mountain drive gears)

A gorgeous lunch was provided, and everyone moved outside, sitting on picnic blankets. But it was far too hot, so again at 1230 Id had enough. Indoors was nice and cool, and welcoming. So that's where I stayed, listening to the squeals of delight as my children,rode up and down the grassy bank on my trike.

Thanks to every single person, who made such a fantastic day possible.

my pics corrupt??????

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