Thursday, 8 March 2012

A letter from Nick CleggThank you for your email. May I take this opportunity to congratulateyou on your efforts in training other disabled people to cycle in theWheels for All project, and wish you good luck in carrying the Olympictorch this summer. I will keep projects like Wheels for All in mind when discussing theseissues further with my colleagues on the Council and in Parliament.Thank you again for writing to me about this important issue. Please donot hesitate to contact me again on this or any other matter. Yours sincerely Nick Clegg MP Nick Clegg MPSheffield Hallam Web

Dear Nicholas Clegg, Please, keep funding Inclusive Cycling. As a new single disabled mum, of2 children under 6. The CTC and Pedal Ready, gave me my life andindependance back. And that is why all my effort and enthusiasm, goes into helping train, other disabled people. To ditch their mobilityscooters, (as I did!!)and cycle, at Hillsborough Park, on a Thursday. I have gained many accolaids for my efforts, and am in fact carrying theOlympic Torch in the relay, this summer. Yours sincerely, caroline waugh by If you have had anyproblems receiving this message, please email andwe'll get back to you. See for more details aboutthe service. We have sent this email; if this address is out of date pleaseemail us so that we can update our records. ]

I've replied inviting him on the 29th, to Hillsborough Park!! for the Cycling For All launch

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