Saturday, 17 March 2012

What a Super Day :)

I'm full of it after yesterdays success of the Presentation, of the Record of Involvement, at the Health Champions, Lunch. I say success? It hasn't really been trialed and we aint received the feed back yet. But everyone thought it was a great product.

Not keen on the piccy, of me holding the Record as you can tell (i think)that I aint physically 'normal' :/ The top ones of a guy called Michael and I, (not the guy I did the RoI with, a differernt guy. He's a Student Social Worker or Nurse with Disabilities. A bit young, but gorgeous. , we laughed all the time, but I got the feeling (i hope I was wrong) I was a Client, or a Case study maybe??

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  1. Photo 2 - I think you need a different photographer for these portrait shots.....