Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Crap 7 days

I'm feeling weak, (i know weak is not what springs to mind, if you know me!!!) But instead of striding out, putting my assertive best foot forward type of thing? I step tentatively through my life at the moment.

Moneys not easy anymore, I've used up all my reserves. :(

Mikeys never called :(

I'm not capable of doing the things associated with cycling, nothings easy for me, even pumping tyres!! Getting Ziggy out of her house, even the new hand brake I struggle with sorry Pete, I think it has s'thing to do with m,y eyesight, so maybe I'll just get used to the touch and feel.

Holly dog got biten yesterday bless her, and was bleeding from her eye (sympathy for me) Atleast, I've seen that I do have some valuable mates, around me.

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