Thursday, 1 March 2012

Goodbye Nick :(

Our team is slowly but surely, been broken up. Nick is the first to be moved to another Park, that has no Cycles, so he'll be cutting grass and the like. A waste of good team building skills, if you ask me. The mental Health Group was there today, with Sue who's been going to Hillsborough as long as I have, and now is a fully trained Cycle Leader, and Support Worker on the ward that participates in Cycling every week.

I tried a 2 wheeler and fell off twice grazing my elbows :( And I must say it was such a good job, I'd got my helmet on, the second time my head bounced on the concrete.

I get the impression that Steve Marsden, is gonna step in at Hillsborough, which is lovely but he's not as easy going as Nick, and he might be a hard task master!!! And who knows who's job is safe?

I slept and sweat ed, fever? hot flush? showered, and my wee boy opened the curtains and said it's a lovely day, you must go to Hillsborough. And do you know he was right I thought.

I'm not going to mention this too much, but The Olympic Torch Relay Organisation, have asked me if I use a Wheelchair daily? I said no, I can walk a few yards, but cycle miles!!! To which they replied, well we don't care how many times you have to stop and rest . But you must walk carrying the Torch, or use a Wheelchair. Your Trike is for Leisure purposes and there for you cannot use it!!!!

I don't have to tell you how upset this makes me feel !! The very reason, why I want to do the Torch, is to show there is an alternative to an electric scooter.

I can't write about it yet it makes me cry.

Holly is so beautiful and so good, she's like my shadow though.

This was the last didtch plea........

Good Afternoon, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider, I don't drive and can't walk very far at all. But as with a lot of people who suffer physical disabilities I need to use my Trike in order to control my life and health. It's my car, or even my legs. And yes, before I got it I had to rely on a mobility scooter. I am passionate about making other folk with disabilities see the alternative to a Scooter/chair. Also I would love more than anything to use my delegated person, who would be Steve Marsden (CTC) to carry the olympic torch for me.


  1. That sounds like plain disability discrimination like what they're not allowed to do!

  2. Seconded. Have you told Rony about this?

  3. I'm trying the softly softly approach for now. But I really can't believe it, I feel very helpless just because I don't fit in the box.

  4. I 4got to say I've added my last ditch plea which I included in my Post:


    Quoting My Ref no: 3FFA-8CC9-704F-9746

    iF ANYONE FANCIES 'TAKING THE bATON' excuse the punn!!

  5. You have not said it is your official "Class 1 mobility carriage" and have the paperwork to prove it.
    Or to put it another way, your Trike IS your wheelchair.

    Not to mention that the whole reason why you were suggested and nominated is because you found your independence with your trike and your voice in your writing. (& apart from anything else to you actually have a wheelchair?)

    Remember that Bank person who made you feel like nothing when you bought your dress for Buckingham Palace. These appear to exhibit the same kind ignorance. I am truly shocked.

    Oooo it took me ages to get the swearing out of that one.


  6. I don't do subtle.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I wish to express my shock and disappointment on hearing of your recent correspondence with Caroline Waugh.

    Apparently your attitude is thus;
    “well we don't care how many times you have to stop and rest . But you must walk carrying the Torch, or use a Wheelchair. Your Trike is for Leisure purposes and there for you cannot use it”

    I would like to explain to you that you truly do not understand the situation.

    Caroline’s trike is her registered Class 1 Invalid Carriage.
    Caroline’s inspirational writing on her blossoming, trike based, independence is the reason why her nomination was made in the first place. Caroline can barely walk even leaning on a wheelchair, this is why she uses a trike.

    Furthermore there is no impediment to attaching the torch to the trike, I can see at least three places where it would be attached with nothing but cable ties, it is simply not an issue.

    In order to properly express her sporting spirit Caroline needs to bear the Olympic Torch through Sheffield proudly using her Trike, not shuffling along or imprisoned and humiliated in an inappropriate and disabling chair pushed by someone else.

    Caroline deserves better than to be treated in the callous and ignorant manner you have chosen.
    I beg you once again, on Caroline’s behalf. Please, please reconsider your decision.

    If you still do not understand why the trike is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours Sincerely
    Peter Nightingale

    Pete Nightingale
    Principal Software Engineer

  7. Pete's reply is spot on and I really hope they do reconsider because such discrimination on their part is ridiculous!

  8. The full email address is

    C'mon u lot, mail storm!

  9. WOW!!! xxxxx

    It's done the trick anyway. They mailed me this morning (friday), after Nigel West Wellbeing consortium, emailed as well. They have said they will do their best to fit the trike on the bus, I was quick to remind them that it folds!! But I will need help reassembling.So thank you sooo much, it appears common sense prevailed!!xxxxxxxx Love you all.

    Big thanks to Peter, i'm really grateful for your care. :)

    I'm so touched.

  10. Typical bullies, they only need a couple of people to stand up to them!

    No reply to ME, so I can't claim credit.