Friday, 23 March 2012

thanks Pete

Pete's added the link to the radio Sheffield Interview I gave, in the comments , from yesterday.

:( This morning......

Thank you Debbie, from across the road for being first on the scene., Pete my neighbour, who probably owes me one :) a favour that is.....what else? Dave H, for phoning, Matt for helping me off the floor. Julie Andrews, for checking in on me. My bruv for phoning, Hanna for the loveliest texts in the world. Dave Santa and Lorraine, for the same.

I was in such a happy mood this morning, it began with Steve M, phoning me, to make arrangements to call at mine Monday morning. Which is really nice. It is so he can get a good look at the Record of Involvement. Because I do expect that a lot of my work in the next year will be under (in my dreams-but not really) Hillsborough.

I am on this weeks Cycle Clips, btw.

If you hadn't gathered I had a mighty tumble today. I feel so incapacitated, I am crap, at looking after myself. So I didn't get chance to go to Creative Writing.

I did limp :) (more than usual!!) to the Park with Holly. I do love her so. My left knee is like a football, and throbbing!! Random I know!!!

Hey, I've been asked by Totley Residents Associations Farmers Market' ' Where they boast about what Totleys got. :)Hey and I'm considered an asset apparently!! Oh well, it gives me chance to shout about Inclusive Cycling.


  1. You'll get yourself a wee job there then cycle delivery of veg boxes for local orders from Farmers' Market.

    Get the knee looked at if it is still blown up

  2. Awwww, long time, no hear....kind of thing. Hope you are happy :) You sounded it on the phone?

    I aint got time to work!! But that is s'thing I'd consider. I do love this weather, I'm missing gioing to see Mum though, I wish I could just ride for the sake of it. It's just that I always convince myself, there are other more important things to do, and that I'm just beinmg selfish. But we all know the bigger picture???