Saturday, 17 March 2012

My children are Ace!!!

I've spent much of the day, lazing around. I enjoyed taking Holly.... I do love Holly :) Just occasionally, I get a glimpse of her past, when she absolutely snarles and bares teeth, at Richards vacuum cleaner!! Or when she retreats to where she feels safest (under my desk) Most of the time she is my shadow, lying on the landing staring at me in the shower!!1 Yes I know it's weird. I hope she's ok at Steve Ms with big Robbie!!

I went for a lie down, next thing I knew my kids were shouting 'Mum' we've done your tea, and I sprang up all kind of loving the attention, but with trepidation. But I needn't have worried, Finn had bought flowers Daisy had lit candles and ordered a chinese meal from the red lion. And it had been delivered and everything!! (and they'd saved up the money and done extra jobs for their Dad!!)

Mike, the guy I met yesterday, has put our photo as his profile pic on FaceBook!!
:) :)

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