Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thanks Dave

For the tip, I will give it the computer guy on Thursday.http://code.google.com/p/gitso/

Meanwhile at the ranch, lots of trips to the Park with Holly. But her recall is crap, so I daren't let her off the lead. But when I have she is capable of some right speeds. (I only have when there's a friendly builder comes with me, to fetch her.

I caught my Party bus this morning with the lovely Pat, who's back off sick.

I know, I'm canny and creative at claiming the benefits, of things. Whether that be money or services. But I am trying desperately to have my fuse box, relocated to where I can reach the trip switch. It will cost about £1000 I think!! Anyway this Social Workers coming tomorrow to help me apply to a charity to help me pay. I don't know why the council won't to be honest!! I mean if I was able bodied it really wouldn't be a problems, but it's so difficult for me to lie on the floor of the kitchen, in order to reach the fuses.I spoke to Nigel West today, I am fond of Nigel, he made me feel all warm and snug. (not hot flushes again!!!)

Wow my loft looks amazing!!! I know it's only the basics but I can build on it now, it's not finished but tomorrow the brickies coming to build my porch/trike shed.

Oh and thanks to Sue, for agreeing to lend me her bicycle to practice on. I hope you knew :Dxxxx

I'm off to the Brain Injury Rehab Centre tomorrow, to interview a fellow Survivor. After I've had an inquisition by the Social Worker about my fuse box (ooooh did that sound suggestive?)

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