Monday, 9 January 2012

So exciting!!!!

Ooooooh I don't know what to talk about first!!! But I'm not stuck for words :D!!

Firstly, Erin Hounds have a whippet for us. She's been in Foster Care since the end of November. They just wanted to check her out, before telling us. She's thought to be 3 or 4, and likes playing ball, and curling up on your knee. She's a bit older than I'd have liked, but apparently whippets are giddy kippers anyway :)which is nice. We are so excited. And she's got a grey muzzle which makes her look older/her age. But We don't care as long as long as she doesn't bite anything, We'll work with anything else.

Exciting thing no2: I posted my photos, and Birth Certificates off to the Olympic Torch Folk today :) Recorded delivery, because there is no way I'm gonna miss it now!!

Urm, Dave the builder called to Suss out the porch. It'll take about a month. And that's before he does out to the Metal Box - bike storage, or the loft. It'll gi me chance to save funds :)

I needed to call at the bank today, which is beyond the Park, but not as far as big Tesco. I met the lovely Miriam, for lunch. Whilst sorting a Bank Credit, hey they are good, and so easy. My friend txt to say, he'd be at mine in 30mins. And could only stop 30m, I said Oh no prob, and sweat ed my b* off (if I had them) getting back!! But I did it, in the nick of time.

I am very happy.x

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  1. Hope you've now worked out the idea that there is a way to lease an expensive cycle like the Greenspeed, so you can renew it every 2-3 years.

    Might offer an avenue to get something 'hot' beneath the bot.