Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ahhhh Holly

Oooh Holly arrived at 9, with her Foster Parents :). And made a b-line for the arm chair, because that was what she had been used too, Uh oh, I said I was willing to try it, if she just went up to sit on s'ones knee? Later on though she got a bit possessive about it, when an exuberant Finn came thundering in from Football, charged upto sleeping Holly, who growled. EEEk not good, so we all decided to demote her to the dog mat on the floor. She has been perfect since, in every other way, except when suddenly awoken, (she's a bit like me really) she growls!!

I've taken her on the Park, on her lead rein lead, which was perfect. And I took my Aniseed balls, as directed by Russel (one of my Friends from Hillsborough.)

Andy from Erin Hounds brought a Crate round for tonight, in case she didn't settle.

It's true what is said about Sight Hounds they do impose an air of Peace around a house. She is so non chaotic, and hasn't barked once. She has got to go to the vets this week, but she's registered to one at the other side, of the city. So Erin Hounds are sorting that. Awwww the poor flower, when they found her, in someones garden (who by chance had adopted an Erin Hound, that day) She was heavily pregnant with 9 dead pups. I don't like to think of her been RAPED and abandoned in her hour of need.

Oh well, I'm early to bed, but I may be up a few times tonight.

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