Wednesday, 4 January 2012

'In Control' ?

I mustn't grumble....ok, just a little!! SCT Sheffield Community Transport phoned to say, they could take me and Ziggy to Hillsborough tomorrow, if I shared with an old lady, who wanted to go to town 30minutes later? So I'm going to Hillsborough at 10.15am. (Ahhhh I'm really happy about going though) even if it's not very nice Cycling weather.Apparently I cant have my own estate car, because they havent a driver in Totley area, and they are all volunteers, so I can't grumble.

I was pro active in the Olympic Torch application, yesterxday. I knew there had been a 'cock up' probably my fault? with the copy Birth Certificate. So I reordered one yesterday, cost me £33!!!!! I also had some really scary passport pics done. And Yuk, it scares me to think the camera doesn't lie!!

Dave Santa, is opening up tomorrow, apart from him, I don't know who will show? Because Cycle 4 Health has finished for the winter. And so has Cycling 4 All. But folk have got the Community Cycling Bug, and we just miss it when we aren't there.

I do really hope my transport works.

Hey, I had a Builder round today, oooooh!!!Big plans about a metal container to put Ziggy and friends in!!! How converted is that!!!! which reminds me, I've spotted a KMX - new one for sale, 7 gears, disc brakes etc. For sale in Lincolnshire, £600. My kids would love it, but I think it's just a bit too low for me, I'd absolutely Poop, going down the Dual Carriageway, on s'thing so low.

Catch you tomorrow!!

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  1. £600 for s/h KMX seems a bit pricey unless its low use VGC - you certainly had a good blow today - we had sunshine and calmness!