Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm here, but none communicable!!!

I can write, you can read, and you can probably write back? But I can't see it to read!! So you could write anything, like 'Carolin es a rite fat gobby cow' and I'd be none the wiser. This Guy was recommended to me by Access to Social Care, but he can't come till Thursday. I know, I could look else where but I'll just try and be patient with these Guys, because they're just setting up in business, and I am having a fair input into it, by being the helpful soul that I am. I actually paid cash!! (i think I should get freebies!!) to them for going through my online Torch form because I had completed it before(how many times maybe 12?)But never got a response.So Dan, watched me send it again, and sent a covering letter, the latter got there today. So they phoned and weren't sure (they never are!!!)but to go ahead with Remap, and get a holder made, for Ziggy.

The chain piping? keeps disconnecting and getting tangled and broken on the Sprocket. So I've been walking a bit, or limping a bit!!!

Luckily, Dave the builder was here this afternoon, to take me to the Dr's. Look away men, if you embarrass easily. You know those hot flushes? early menopause, apparently, well I told him actually. HRT??? I've got patches, and it won't make any difference to my brittle bones? I might get them regardless, that's a cheery thought!! But it is up to me whether I use them????? One school of thought is that it prevents Heart Problems and Cancer, and Brittle bones, More recently it's been thought, that it actually causes them. And by the by, did you know, that you can no longer have a pregnancy test, on the NHS!!!

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