Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm happy...but you knew that because it's Hillsborough

I've checked and double checked, my 'Bus' eeeeek, is coming to take me away, as I lick the windows (sorry) and try and escape!! I won't mention that again, it's just how it makes me feel. But it also made me very happy because it is affordable. And I will continue using it.....probably for years.

Oh yeah remember Remap? the Engineers who make things for folk with disabilities? They are coming to see Ziggy and I on Weds. I'm hoping the Torch folk will have given me the affirmative about adapting Ziggy. If not I've had some really helpful suggestions, one was from Chris Rust saying that I could borrow his 'Pino'which is a Tandam, but the front cycle is a Recumbent:) Or Nick has suggested that I use the side by side with Steve M. I suggested this to Steve, and was disappointed in his response :) I suppose I cant expect him to go Wow, Super, Fantastic. All the time. But I'll just have to let you know, (as if I wouldn't mention it again?)Mmmmm what else?

I received information today about an Award for a Manager/Project/idea from s'one up North, who was gonna be influential in 2012. It's not really for volunteers I don't think? So I nominated Steve, but I could nominate so many folk, And I asked them if there was a limit to how many I put forward.

I have no porch!!! random!

Thanks Dave, I'll bare it in mind. Would it work on a short term loan? You know, if I needed one if Ziggy was being repaired?

I cycled to school this afternoon, for an afternoon listening to some Fab African Drums wi my little boys class been taught by the Guy who runs ab African Restaurant in Sheffield, called UK Mamas. If your from Sheffield you'll know it. And after Totley Primary failing it's OFSTED visit, 3 years ago ~It's now officially the Top in Sheffield.

Anyway, the New model Mrs Waugh was sitting near, and I thought what would happen if there was a phoine call for Mrs Waugh? :D I know I think of some bizarre things!!

All the other Mums sat all composed, whilst I sweated like a pig!! It's a steep hill and a very steep school drive.

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  1. The idea of leasing is that you sign up for a minimum period to make it worth the finance company buying the cycle, so they probably won't like stop-start short deals but it may work for a group needing expensive cycles and renewing the fleet every 2-3 years. The leasing company might then offer the old lease cycles and users would purchase them as s/h with known history.

    Good to hear you are showing folk all the facilities that they can call on - REMAP are very good at sorting out special bikes and great guys.

    " I have no porch???!!! - is that the porch one normally finds under the 'balcony' ;-b

    Clearly you may need to have a badge made for attending school events "Mrs Waugh - original version"

    Look forward to the literary masterpiece following your Thursday transformation from supine to erect cycling status, albeit with the slight issue "I'm flying ...great now how do I land this thing?" Brave Dave.