Friday, 13 January 2012

It's only taken me 30months! :D

But I did it, not been too long has it? I actually Cycled along the length of the Ball court at Hillsborough Park, unaided, and on 2 wheels - Unicycle next. And my Lady Garden?- ok. But how do these Women, go all day? Or Men actually?

It happened totally by chance, (I keep getting Hot Flushes!!) I know it's nowt to do with it, but they are unbareable!! and I've just had to stop, and take off 2 layers of clothes in a nanoo second.

The journey Home!!!!

- was an amusing ride too, with Dial a Ride. It was a different man from the morning, so he had not met myself, or Ziggy. And before he lifted the trike, HE SPENT ALONG TIME TAKING pics, FROM EVERY ANGLE. aND LYING ON THE FLOOR TO TAKE a more articulate shot, of ZiggysSprocket and Pedals. Are you a Cyclist? I asked all enthused because he was taking such an interest. 'I am not!' was his short sharp reply.Once aboard, he started asking Questions, about My disability! Hey and you know me I ain't Shy. But I began to see where this was leading. And said, I can only walk a few yards, but I can cycle miles on my Trike. The fact that I power it with my legs instead of my arms if it were a Wheelchair? Is irrelevant, it is still my Class A Invalid Carriage.

I hadn't noticed that we had taken a detour, until we stopped in this Car Park. 'Where are we' I asked?
I've brought this thing to show my Bosses, because I am quite sure they are not aware, that you are using transport for this purpose.'

I sat back and waited with trepidation, as these 2 Women came out of the building, and were Marching towards the bus. The driver, who by now was waiting behind the bus. Flung open the double rear doors. 'Just look!!!' he said.

'WOW!!! How fantastic is that', said one woman, to the other.
'It's Incredible, and so cool.' Said the other.
'We don't see the problem Tony? is there one, are we missing s'thing.'
And with that he quietly returned to his drivers seat. It was ACE.

We continued home, in Silence, :)


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  2. Yay you! You had better up the spec. of your bike shed for more steeds!

    ... Garden issues.
    1 Cycling shorts - you know you can get just inners that you can wear under your trousers?
    2 Chamois cream.

    No idea what that driver was thinking, quite odd behavior, maybe he is new, or just not used to people who work at their independence?


  3. Love it!
    I'm still nervous of playing the disability card when folk give me a hard time but am learning that sometimes it is necessary or they'll walk all over you. Especially when they can't 'see' the cause of your limitations.
    Congrats for holding your ground!