Friday, 13 January 2012

Hi Folk, unfortunately my PC 'freezes' when I try and access, the comments left last night. Which maybe not a bad thing. And my Lady Lawn was fine thank you.

Had Dave the builder round, fixing the porch. It's now been desighned so that Ziggy will fit underneath!! How neats that?

I can't Speak to Steve M :( I still love him but I feel a bit neglected, I wanted him to jump for joy, at my latest achievement :(

Pete's just been round for a tipple, he's now gone home. My children are both staying at friends. And this is when I feel (hot flush)I'm back!! Most alone, that despite all the bigging up, when everyone goes home to their partners, I go home alone :( Gosh I sound like a right miserable B*. I know several MEN who wish they were alone.

I'm getting Holly on Sunday OOOOOh I Can't wait, Erin Hounds phoned today to say, they would not leave her unless my garden was whippet proof! Eeeek I think it is?

I nominated Hannah Bonnham from Adult Social Care, Matt Colbeck from Sheffield Uni, and Miriam Densham. For Northern Lights award today, It's basically the '~Movers and Shakers' prediction for this year.

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