Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Top Man, :)

Chris Dalton, arrived early this morning to find me being ever so girly with the 2 builders, and Pete. I'd kind of rehearsed what I was Gonna say, with the Guys, before he arrived, unexpectedly early. And I was all fired up with my rights, and how unfare things were etc...And he introduced himself, and said 'Right I've come to see what we will need to do to get you to Hillsborough :) I showed him Ziggy, and he said 'Well my boss, is a mad keen Cyclist, and he wants to make this happen.' So everything was looking good. He asked why I hadn't used them before? I said I was told by 'You' I couldn't because there was no volunteer driver, in my area, with an Estate Car. He said Perfect!!! we now operate, 'People carriers' with ramps and sliding doors, that would be ideal!! But it will cost about £8 return And I can use this new Dial a Ride +, as many times a week, as I need. . As long aS i BOOK 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE.M oops.

I Cycled to the Deli to meet my kids after school, both had a friend in tow. I moved onto see Jacks Mum, lives next door to my mate Rony Robinson, from Radio Sheffield. Who has the nick name MILF by teenagers, if anyone knows what that means, ssshhhh it's very rude!!

I'm happy

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