Thursday, 6 December 2012

Easy Lay?!

That got your attention!!!

I know I flirt immensely, and am very flirty and tactile. And to those who know me well, well it's just me being friends, nothing more or less! Now on occasion, my behaviour has led to presumptions that I am some kind of Nymphomaniac (that's 4 me to know, and maybe a few others!!), that I won't disclose now. But I refuse to change my harmless behaviour. I won't name names, but one of the folk who attended Cycling 4 All, asked me out for a drink today Ooooooooooooh, I can still pull :) I explained that just maybe it was unethical??

I arrived and was greeted by Rob, who I had let have a go on my trike the other week, he'd brought along 3 friends who were at various stages in their Cycling Journey, but all had been told how Ace Ziggy was, and a go each ensued. John cycled on the Courts, with his Mum fussing round :) She's great his Mum :) John and I cycled round the Court, and we were joined by Alan, (the tesco bus guy) It was great to see John, and Alan, looking out for each other :) Graeme, shouted Steve M and I back in the cabin, ahhhh and bless him what a nice surprise!! He'd got a Lego Olympic Cyclist each, for us!!! :)

Pat arrived, and beamed at Steve, Graham, and Charlie, as they thanked her for her box of Chocs. Luckily, I'd given her, and all the other regulars a card from us all.

I sat down with John and Alan, and Geoff was taking some pics for Steve, and it was all very squashed and cosy as Angela from Pedal Ready, was taking a Cycle Maintenance Course. Brrrrr! It was cold out and the group that had arrived all use the velar Plus, so that was my cue to stay indoors and have another cuppa!!

I'm just trying to arrange a drinky for us all, but it's impossible!!

Marj and Barry phoned, they were on there way. I did another couple of laps of the Park with John, on the Side by Side, and then greeted Marjorie, who'd bought me a Xmas Pressie :) I haven't peeped though!!!

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