Monday, 3 December 2012

Nice relaxing day :)

Hey I reckon I'm telepathic? not really, but I emailed my mate Nick Clegg, suggesting that our Rendezvous in March, actually be a Spring Board for investment in Inclusive Cycling Projects like Hillsborough. And from what I gather such an announcement was made today??? not sure was it millions? I'm not suggesting for one minute, btw that my email, was responsible!!

Oh spoke to my friend whose having probs with JSA etc, things have got slightly  better, in the fact that I know he's still alive!!

Carol and Rob (west country recumbent) are doing some team work, and putting the finishing touch to repairing Ziggy soon. Not sure when yet? Although it's really difficult to choose 2 days together, when I definately won't use her. Although, I aint been tempted in this weather.

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