Saturday, 1 December 2012

Friends in very sad places.

I have many friends, who like myself are being assesed for Job Seekers Allowance etc, and Income Support. It was one such chap, who I was with today, at the Write Way writing group. His case has gone to Appeal, because he was told, to get off his arse, basically. He needs an advocate? And in my Kerry Fisted Way, I am confident, as his Friend and Aly, I could do it. I just didn't know what I was doing on Monday, or how I would get to him and his Drs? So I was a total S*, and said I would need to let him know.

He's let another friend, look after his dog, which is very worrying.

I have found him a free helpline number, and spoken to Headway, and Sheffield Centre for Independant Living.  Both of which could help, but not at such short notice.....So?

Oh I don't know?? I hope he's ok? I have heard a ridiculous number?? 1 thousand Suicides have already been blamed on Benefit Cuts? or s'thing like that?? I hope it aint 1001 

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  1. I gather that, with hardly sensitive timing, the letters threatening auction sale etc for unpaid tax, are dropping on to some peoples' doormats just now. Hardly a welcome start to the Christmas period.

    Perhaps you might want to take stock on how far you've come in just a few years, and before on the times your world has abruptly changed, but carried on.