Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm all talk!!!

Hi, I'm sorry I ain't been here for a bit, I didn't feel comfortable coming here, when I ha vent cycled for so long. But I will get better, when the kids get back to school, honestly!! Before then, because at least, I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow. I ain't been doing nowt though!

I have recently been working with a young guy with Learning Difficulties Michael Eldevyn, on an ASC project, and our work has been facilitated ???? by Hannah Boneham, whose been a star on this Co Production project. Firstly together we decided, which groups of people made a fair representation, of Volunteers who might benefit from a bit of 'Proof' of their personal commitment. We then invited these groups, to come to a 'Brain Storm' where they could say when they might want to use their Record of Involvement or RoI. We collected all the wants and definitely don't wants, of which there were a few!! This was back in September!!

At the BIRRP meeting on Tuesday, I took a dummy copy of the RoI, and at a very Packed meeting, they all loved it!! and thought it was a very positive way, in giving Volunteers recognition for their work. Which hopefully will be endorsed by a lot of the organisations using it. So we can start collecting, users logos!! Mark suggested I arrange a meeting with ASC, myself and him because Brain Injury Services wanted to endorse this very professional piece of work. When I suggested it, it was thought myself and Michael, could meet with interested organisations, reflecting the true Ethos of Co Production.

Mmmmmm what else.....

I can't say. Oh go on then :) A side effect of being menopausal? Appears to be lack of desire....(ok I'll say it!) libido!! not totally gone, but it took some finding on Sunday Night, (I wasn't alone) what were you thinking!!!

Today, is Wednesday, and I did some work at Brockwood, in the classroom. I met a really interesting and funny as in ha ha, woman called Helen. Hi Helen!! Hopefully she will come along to Hillsborough, when it starts again, just before Easter. I want to shout about it, but I've been instructed to keep it under wraps, until it's definite!! Helen's husband broke his back badly. And she thinks he might enjoy the social side of Cycling?

Oooooh it's Brain Injury Awareness week next week, so I've been hunted out by the media. And they're really interested in talking to me because of the Olympic Torch thing. And HSC Health and Social Care in York, have also been in touch via s'one else. After coming to the Book launch back in October, and sought Steph and I out. So she's phoning tomorrow anyway.

That's It Folks!!!


I've missed you.

I got a valentine card, signed from Pete x and I sent him one, just as friends you see. But no one else loved me :(


  1. When we have days with temperatures above -10millionC it'll be easier to get out and ride….

  2. No deal for me either - Need to get a new edition of the Application for Enjoyment drafted up for next year (or 29th Feb for you ladies to send out)

    My vacancy is for a PA (special duties) and as pointed out you need an estate manager/gamekeeper with gardening skills, especially lawn care.

    Great to hear of all the new opportunities that are opening up - wishing my computer and other slow working niggles would get sorted though.

    Had the Application form been ready to use, I might just have posted a few of them.