Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Crap Day :(

I set off on the long journey, at 10 am, (because it was warm inside, and freezing out!!) I cycled to the co op, securing Ziggy with chains and 2 Padlocks!! to the shop awnings? - is it a word. Just missing a bus, I ran - maybe not!! to the central reservation, and gave puppy eyes at the bus driver, who shook his head and drove off!! - nice I had to stumble about half a mile to get the Tram, to Hillsborough Park. It was unbelievably slow. I must tell you about this Man who got on at my stop, Wow, total admiration, at how he copes!!! - a body, 1 arm, with 2 fingers, another hand coming out of his shoulder, on the other side. No legs, just feet at the base of his body that were wrapped in bandages. And he was TEXTING!!! (i bet he knows how to use predictive text!!1 - I don't!) And for Dave's knowledge, 2 mobility scooters got on as well!!!

I arrived at 11 40, to a fan fare of Hello's :) And I tucked into my lunch, I had really got cold.

Disaster followed, Dave and I went out for my 2 wheeled adventure, and it was 'Edward' a different bike. And it felt totally wrong, after loads of alterations and falls. I only managed about 10 laps of the ball court. _Poor Dave caught me on numerous occasions, he is very strong. And when he didn't I grazed elbows and knees!!

Hi to the woman, who brought her girl, for a try on the cycles. I'm really sorry I wasn't more attentive. I will be next time honest :)

It took me 2 hours to get home, I did stop s'where for 20 mins.....but I am so knackered, I've hated today!!

What a spoilt BRAT I am, I've just re read about the chap who got on my Tram!!! and I have the ordasity to moan!! I'm sorry. xx

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  1. Well who needs predictive text to make for odd spellings or maybe its just that you hit the keys cold & tired. Audacious comment < ducks > Do you try to get the TM bus (hourly) or the First ones (that route splits for 2 separate places in Totley at Dore Station). Cycle a bit further and get a wider choice of services.

    Reckon you'd be better off heading for the Bike shop and parking there as the Firstbus route goes almost all the way and must connect somewhere along the tram route.

    For the bike you need a relaxed geometry (ie a Dutch granny bike) as you can see in videos these bikes can be ridden whilst reading a book, having a shave etc without any need to use the handlebars. Traditionally Dutch riders are pictured riding with arms folded and sitting upright.