Saturday, 11 February 2012

Before I forget....

I was a little put out because this Campaign, only seems to feature Bicycles, and no others. But it has to start s'where, so I signed up to it. I also wrote a letter, with lots of grammatical errors. To Mr Clegg, urging the funding for Inclusive Cycling, to be increased. Because of it's effects long term.

I ain't cycled, but I've taken Holly out twice. She can clear a vertical 5ft fence from a standing start!! I was advised to block her view, so she wasn't tempted to escape and chase again.

I have promised my son a cycling adventure on Friday!!

Ooooooh Barry? do you need me for the stall on Fargate this year? Isn't that soon?

A year ago Steve M broke his shoulder in 3 places!! after falling off a kiddy BMX!!! eeeek!

I'm going to bed, it's only 8 on Saturday night, as well!!But I ain't very happy :(



  1. Go on you sound OK - so what's bugging you tonight?

    How about that vacancy - for a gamekeeper/gardener/handyman on the estate? Have you sent out the application form(s) to the candidate(s)?

    You know the ones from Chatta-Leigh Agency with all the special employee benefits .....

    Just had CSA call asking why they hadn't had a payment - told them to ask their admin why they cancelled it - head doesn't know what the tail is doing.

  2. Hey DH, I have had far too many interested candidates, since, (too many to mention!! some might say. They've demonstrated plenty of 'Hands on Skills' like plumbing, and COOKing, even treating my garden with great tenderness. But either I've been too choosey, or they've not felt capable of living up to my demands!!