Monday, 27 February 2012


Mundane, ....yes sometimes my life does have to, or need to be controlled by the mundane laundry, tidying, just occasionally though. Steady on!! I delegated to my children to take Holly, and nip to the shops. I would have liked nothing better though. But I think it's good to remind them that they must be responsible now they have a dog, so they called me Grandma!!! (because I was far too sensible)

My friend Paul came down from Leeds, now Paul was the original 'Bush Cutter' who I met on the Internet :) We don't participate in any Horticulture any more, preferring to let my lady garden be wild and free. He does love dogs very much (no comments either!!) So I knew he only came to see Holly really!! :) Which gave me a nice lie in this morning, because he slept downstairs, and took Holly out at 7.30, and brought me a coffee.

I must get some more lights for Ziggy, as I did struggle last night coming back from the Mohul, after a lovely meal. And had to use the pavement!!!

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