Saturday, 25 February 2012


I've cycled today, and I kick myself for not doing it more because I feel so good now.Only a bit but it was my favourite short trip to little tesco and back, with the wind in my hair and warm air in my face. I didn't need owt, I just went because it was a beautiful day :)

Holly's behaviour has been impecable today, I'm well impressed. Faced with an open garden gate, or coming back to boring me ....she came back, ahhhhh.

I've started writing a fantasy, and NO not that type!!! Hey, it might be my Forte a bit of sauce!!I randomly picked an image off the net, and I'm imagining a story round it. But it's so difficult, well not really it does ooooze out, but I am laying myself open to criticism. It is so much harder, than writing fact, like I usually do.


  1. Basic powerpoint is surely part of most windows packages these days. Failing that find yourself a spotty geek who can get you the open source version and see if you can get your computer to run with this. I think you can run OS programs in Windows as the CTC laptop has Mozilla Firefox as an alternative browser to Windows Explorer and GIMP as an alternative to MS Photoshop. Or go the whole hog and switch to Linux and Ubuntu. Open Office version is called Impress with file extension .odp just like .ppt but open source