Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday :)

I am juggling a lot of important stuff at the moment :)

Hillsborough was just the escapism I needed. Dial A Ride, didn't show?? So I payed a builder to take me, it was Dave, who's finished my Porch. I still aint got a pic.

I can't say soooo much, but it's good.

I've got to learn how to do a Power Point presentation, of the Record of Involvement, Ooooooh I might have to learn how to do it first. But I won't let anyone do it for me!!!

I cycled a bit on 3 wheels today, Dave's on his holiday, so Nick had to 'help' me, and I just didn't trust him :) that sounds so bad!! because I do really.

I took holly out early, and she fell out with a huge Rotwieler, that couldn't catch her!! she just skipped around him really pissing him off, as he kept trying top sink his teeth in, and they kept smashing together!! ~The owner got mighty upset, with me!! Oooops.

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