Thursday, 9 February 2012

Too Icey :(

I did go to Hillsborough today, but only because it might have jeopardised future trips with Dial A Ride, if I'd messed them about. But once there Nick and Dave who'd been surveying conditions, declared it too icey. It was mightily cold, and I'm sure my body has used up so much energy, trying top keep warm.

The team, well most of it, treated ourselves to lunch at Which was soo nice. We returned Russel, arrived and some folk from the Well being Cycling Group, only to be told, there was to be no Cycling this week. So we sat in exactly the same seats, wore the same clothes. And talked about similar things :Dxx

Ooooh I've got 1st class return from Truro, on April the 26th, returning on the 29th. :)

I don't feel half as bad as I did last week, at this time, after freezing my t* off, using it Public Transport, (or not as the case was!!)

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