Monday, 27 February 2012


I'm just writing the Power Point Presentation, abot the Record of Involvement, that Michael and I have produced. And Michael, is a whizz at Techy Computer Stuff. So he's producing the slides, with my writing,, and I'm gonna do the reading. And I think I'll let Nigel West do the clicking of the Mouse!!

I was with Adult Social Care for about 2.5 hours this afternoon, and I am absolutely knackered. How do these folk manage for 8 hours a day!! I arrived home as my children returned from school. I quickly did a DEAL, WITH dAISY, she could make everyones tea, except poor me. If I took H out, I don't know how and why they find that hard, I still love it, I love making her happy.

Oh Activity Sheffield, are coming to taljk to me at Hillsborough on the 8th and 15th!!! It should be interesting!!!

Ahh I've just received an email, thanking me for being so supportive, in Creative Writing. :) nice xxxx

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