Monday, 20 February 2012


Apparently Steve M (ctc), has spent a lot of the day, defending himself and Hillsborough, because of a letter I wrote to Nick Clegg, about a month ago. I was very tired when i wrote it, and I remember it was'nt very gramatically correct, or mis spelt even? But apparently questions are being asked??? Which is good surely?? Back me up?

I met Miriam from Zest for lunch, before I went to a progress meeting on the Record of Involvement, and Co Production. I got very excitable as plans were discussed about me Co Producing at a higher level within the council???? I'll keep you posted on that development.

Apparently I could take Ziggy on a bus now????

I can imagine going on a tram,? maybe? but I really dont think she'd fit on a bus and turn 45"

Hey s'one has reported my Porch???? saying I didnt get planning permission.?? Which is true, but I replaced the delapidated old one. Some of my curtain twitching neighbours!!! just piss me off, just because they have got nowt going on in their sad lives!!

I took Holly out at 8, she does worry me a tad, because she always runs to the outer limits of the park, but so far has never gone out.

I also received an email from Nicks new Boss at Hillsbrough, who wants to meet with me to discuss the future of Cycling at Hillsborough???

I do get upset when I upset folk!!


  1. Nick's new Boss - I thought Clegg & Cameron were 'equals' in this alliance?

  2. Nahhh, I'm not important enough,!

    Nicks Boss is Richard Sutcliffe?

    I really pissed s'body off today, because they gave Steve a hard time about me, I'm not sure who that was tho? I didnt accuse anyone of being narrow minded and all the stuff IO wanted to say. I just said how much cycling meant to me!!!!

  3. Two aphorisms to remember here Caroline.

    "You won't make an omelette without breaking the eggs" and "It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission", the latter being a great rule of thumb when dealing with any organisation which has the slightest hint of bureaucracy in its workings.

    Meantime whilst its London Fashion Week where I am at present its Laufen Fasching Week, at least until tomorrow when I have to see the production facilities at the rubber products company I've been working with.

    Still I managed to upset their French regional rep by asking if we could have our arrows back, and explained why one does not mention monkeys in parts of Teesside.

  4. You've totally lost me Dave? I do remember you saying you were being paid for a trip abroad? I just cant remember where?

    And I totally agree with the permission/forgiveness philosophy. It's always been my phiolosophy.

    C x

  5. Sorry Rob, I meant Nick Blood The Park Ranger, at Hillsborough. Who does Cycling For All.