Monday, 6 February 2012

Slip sliding away....into the bins!!!

Cobblers!!!! I mean why don't they move with the times? I cycled with relative ease, to The Rise. Where I was gonna get a new Padlock for Ziggy, as she's suffering been double bike locked to the railings, she's getting repeatedly soaked, most nights. And I need a new lock so she can resume her place back in the shed, where she's padlocked to the floor, when I've got one!!!

Anyway, he wouldn't let me use my debit card, and my local friendly Post Office accepts every bank card .....except the Nat West. So I cycled down the dual carriageway, and the cycle lane was covered with brown (atleast not yellow!!) (childish) forcing me to take the left hand lane of the Rd. I bought a few things, and totally forgot the purpose of going, so consequently arrived back at the Cobblers without cash!!

I took the Cycle path home, but ended up applying my brakes, careering side ways into 4 tall plastic bins (whoops!!!) After that my wheels were spinning, I wanted to cry, it was too steep and slippy, to get back to the rd, and a long slushy walk pushing Ziggy to get home. I walked, pushed and occasionally remembering Robs advice about slippery mud, I did ride a bit in Mountain Drive.

I've decided to go to Truro on the 26th of April - 29th. I'm going without Ziggy, and just borrowing a cycle down there. Thing is, I cycle really slowly, I hope the Ride, on Saturday Morning isn't a Sprint.

Holly's recall skills aren't improving, they are perfect in the house, but once she gets the wind flapping her ears, she's off....

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