Thursday, 27 October 2011


I am a paper mac he brain? Very long story which I won't go into for fear of being frightfully boring!! (im pissed, you can tell?) but I was/am convinced that I've been taking 400mg of tegretol retarde x2 when in actual fact whether by intent or other I have lived happily 'fit' free for 5 years on 200mg x2. Either way after taking 400 all week, I've been a bit poorly. Too ill for Hillsborough, which was a real shame. I did miss it.

With my..... Oh my goodness have you seen the Sheffield telegraph today? What a massive feature they did on 'Write Way, the writing group for the brain injured. But I really didn't believe they would print all the stuff I spoke about to the Journalist, it was just too ordinary. But yes they did, so apologies to anyone who got dragged in there at least I didn't say anything derogatory, and I could have. I wish it had said a bit more about the purpose of the writing group though. Instead of glamorising? me, if I could ever be glamorised.

I am a bit drunk so you might have to take what I'm saying with a pinch of salt!! I've just been to the Spit, to meet my old (as in a long time ago) colleague I worked with on my first ever job. At a huge Asylum!!! (psychiatric hospital, dating back to 1850) We were innocent and naive, and believed in human privacy, and not sharing a commode in the middle of the day room, or sheep dipping in a bath at night.

Do you recall, ~I did an active travel show at brammel Lane Sheffield, well apparently she had great fun trying Ziggy round the car park. But of course we never really met, Steve or Gavin had helped her.
Anyhow, I'm a tad drunk, child free. And my dilemma is should I have my tablets tonight?

I've got creative writing in the morning, which will be fun for Steph and I but the other 4 members of the group might feel a bit neglected.

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