Sunday, 9 October 2011

Today is Sunday!!

Yesterday, was in fact Friday. :)

I had a relative lie in this morning until 7 (lucky me!!) There's no glorious pics of sunrise, it was a gloomy drizzle!!

Nowt exciting, in fact I feel a bit silly now, for even signing in. I Did cycle to the bus stop, and I Did cycle home. After paying extortionate amounts of money for a taxi, because I got totally bloody stranded when I arrived in town, only to find out the buses were stopping due to some fun run???

I'm going to a meeting tomorrow, to discuss, tokens/expenses/Hillsborough/Record Of Involvement.

Wakey wakey, I'm going now :) night.


  1. Running - terrible form of transport.


  2. Miss your daily burbles - even if they were a pile of fluff and nonsense (and cheeky innuendo) some days.

    Do keep up the habit!

  3. Awwww thanks you 2 xxx tonights full of em Dave x