Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello, I am still here...

Sorry, I just haven't felt much like been jovial, and a barrel of laughs. Because I keep wondering about poor Morris, and praying? ...hoping, he's happy. It makes me cry just thinking of him, and I only had him a month. (I did take him for 120 walks in that time though!!) So his behaviour had become predictable, and it kinda defeated the reason for getting him. So the kids could get pleasure. Because it just wasn't wise to let the kids deal with dog fights! We are getting another, but one without any history, this time. Which I know will be a pain because we will have to train it etc. But I'd rather that than go through a similar heart break. We've decided on a whippet, so it's still small enough to pick up and take in the car. (plus the kids loved Robbie sooo much) And it just suits, 4 walks a day, but quick blasts chasing a ball.

Cycle Nation in Sheffield, brought Kev and Bridgette Hickman, up to Sheffield. And I'm delighted, that they supported me by hanging on, an extra day for 'The Launch.'

The writing group I am involved in, who have all experienced Coma, or severe head injury. Produced a 'Book' ok, ok so it was more like a book-let. But it was definitely more than a Leaflet, which my little girl had called it!! In it were 6 stories, all writen by a group member. Everyone was deep, and philosophical apart from mine which, was a bit pink and fluffy. If you want one, contact me via cost is £3.50 including P&P.

The evening began early for me, because I'd arrived there early with Matt to help set up, and meet Miriam for a.......small drink!!

I returned to see folk arriving, and Wow so many really important bods. In the world of Health and Neurology. And Cycling, well important to me anyway!! Fred, Dave, David, Steve M, Pam and her husband, Kev and Bridgette, Nigel West, Miriam. Hannah, Nicky, Ruby. And then there was the Consultants within the field of Neurology.

I quaffed wine as I listened intently to the others, then it was my turn, I made some lame (no pun intended) attempt at humour, because I had felt it was a bit too serious. (I know it's a serious subject..but) Folk laughed politely as I tried to squash my boobs back in my dress!! I looked like ' Barbra Windsor' All small and Dumpy, with a dress that was too small. But I didn't care I was on a bit of a drunken roll!!

I know I maybe shouldn't have a favourite story..but.. I think the first one called Blue Polystyrene Shoes, by Steph was the most descriptive about the awakening from Coma. So there fore the most relevant.

I went for a drink after with a few folk, got absolutely wasted!! I can't say no its the 21 year old in me!! Fell asleep in my curry. Fred got me a taxi, and Lawrence jumped in, (i dropped him off) Next thing I knew, it was 4 am. I was scantily clad on the settee. But I still had my shoes on!! I hadn't made it upstairs.

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