Saturday, 15 October 2011

Right Decision.....Wrong dog :(

I can't write for the keys and screen are blurred. I wish he was as lovely with other dogs, things would have been differen't. But I aint physically strong enough to seperate him, and he will only let go when he feels like it.

But 5 weeks, and 175 walks later, I just don't/didn't trust him. I have let this young couple who said they would look after him because they had trained Border Collies?? I have given them a list of phone numbers including mine, and Thornbury Animal Sanctuary, as they said they would retrain him, but were just too full.

I really know I've passed on the problem, I just really thought he would be better if he had another chance before he went to Thornbury, which is where I have a feeling he will end up.

But I am grateful for the Mornings we had on the Park, and the lovely sunsets too.

And although Robbie (my friends dog, we looked after) isn't for sale, we definately want another. But one without a history this time.

Hi to everyone in Sheffield for the conference, I hope to see some of you on Monday Evening too, at The Launch.

Sad post....even sadder day.


  1. Sorry it hasn't worked out C. Sounds like you've made the right decision.

    Looking forward to Monday. Saw Steve M yesterday.

  2. I know, it was a real shame. Morris had come from a home, where the older dog just attacked him, pretty constantly. So he'd obviously got a mass protective instinct, when another dog was the remotist bit aggresive, he would just go for the kill!!!!

    I'm a bit scared, I feel well supported though in my plight, to promote Inclusive Cycling, through my story :) See you later, K and B. x and thanks for being here.

  3. The people with real courage are the ones who can be open about what goes wrong, as much as they are happy that people know about what goes right. One or two politicians have found out the hard way that no matter how much they try to hide their awkward moments, everything comes out in the end (and it often works out better to come straight out with bad news.

    Hope to hear how Monday went, as it turned out I could not get everything sorted in time to get down on Friday and then flashed through on Saturday night on my way back to Glasgow.

    Puppies do need hard line discipline at times, so let's hope you can find a settled older dog, that makes less demands on you - probably, like our first family dog, one which has and older owner who can no longer manage to give it the walks and playtime a dog needs.

    The revised CTC deal for me isn't so good, and I'd guess Steve M is also taking a hit. Might chat about it later. Just sitting now at Euston - meeting starts at 09.30