Sunday, 23 October 2011

I aint well, or I haven't cycled?....both.

I ain't cycled since Friday, and I wish I had the oomph to make myself, I know I'd feel better. Instead I feel like I'm burning up, but I have no snotty nose or sore throat. It is possible it's a kick back of my flu jab? I want to feel different anyway. Pete called to make sure I was eating etc...:) I am lucky, I know.


  1. Recipe
    Juice of 1 Lime or Lemon (bottled will do)
    Largeish dollop of honey.
    Place in mug, add boiling water.

    Also have 2 paracetamol & a large glass of water. (If permitted)

    Make no attempt to achieve anything except to catch Homes under the Hammer.


  2. I had the Paracetamol, copious amounts of Orange juice, a take out from the curry house!! like a fat git. Feed a cold thats my motto.

    You are lovely though, I'm sorry I was just to ill to watch Homes under The Hammer.